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Meddy 2012年12月7日 6時55分
Issue Report: Steam crashes with a CPU that doesn't support SSE2
Running steam on a Athlon XP 2400+ results in this:
Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
0x08240471 in std::tr1::__detail::_Prime_rehash_policy::_M_next_bkt(unsigned int) const ()

The assumption would be that the binary was built with SSE2 instructions (because this is a rather common issue these days), which aren't supported in older CPUs. Note that the requirements do state that Pentium 4 or Athlon XP1500+ is supported. (And I'd rather it stay this way to keep in sync with the Windows version that does run under the same CPU.)

I suggest using "-march=i686 -mtune=generic" for gcc to make sure that the binary supports every processor that a typical linux distribution supports.

Note that the issue has already been reported, but it doesn't use the requested issue format and isn't in the proper sub-forum.
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Coman 2012年12月9日 3時53分 
Same problem on Sempron. Hope fix it.
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Dusk of Oolacile 2013年2月6日 9時01分 
Today something interesting came into my mind regarding this issue. Valve's excuse was the default behavior of gcc. Though the community has no power over Steam or Valve, it does over gcc. What happened if it happened to stop compiling SS2-only code by default? Or at all...

Yes, it is only a theory, as I know, Athlon XPs have been dead for a long time, barely anyone using them. There's no demand for the "feature". Still, it would be nince to show Valve who is boss in Open Source Land.
最近の変更はDusk of Oolacileが行いました; 2013年2月6日 9時01分
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2013年2月7日 3時49分 
Or a more friendly solution would be a binary patcher that replaced all the SSE2 code… ;)
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