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lyoko 7 dic 2012, ore 5:56
Issue Report: Kde mouse over steam window is inverted Horizontally.
whenever i move my mouse over steam windows at my Kubuntu 12.10, the mouse gets inverted horizontally. i was unable to take a screenshot of this issue.
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skeletal 7 dic 2012, ore 6:20 
The same happens for me.
ancow 7 dic 2012, ore 6:32 
Yup, looks like the default X mouse pointer with no decortations.
powrtoch 7 dic 2012, ore 6:34 
This sounds very familiar to which is right on the frontpage of this subforum.

Please use the search function.
VermeV 7 dic 2012, ore 6:46 
If you mean inverted graphically but working as espected, the Valve guys seem aware of this issue as per ; For what is worth, it's also hapenning to me in some other gtk programs, like any menu in chromium, so probably is not Steam related; you may try this workaround: hope it works.
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