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mruuh 2012年12月7日 2時23分
Issue Report: "Exiting steam" window sticky
When exiting steam, sometimes it wants to sync some stuff with "the cloud". A small window gets displayed, with OK and EXIT NOW buttons. This window is sticky, i.e. I can see it on all virtual desktops.
On the other hand, the "Logging in account xxx" window, shown when starting steam, doesn't show this behavior.

Running KDE 4.8 here.
最近の変更はmruuhが行いました; 2012年12月7日 2時23分
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mruuh 2012年12月18日 4時52分 
Bump, this is still an issue, and it's pretty annoying - since "the cloud" is getting slower and slower every week, this window takes longer and longer to disappear. In addition to being sticky, it also insists to be on top of any other window.
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