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Netsu 2012年12月7日 0時59分
Issue Report: Drop-down menus disappearing
If I click any drop-down menu (like the ones at the top bar or in friend list) the menu shows up but disappears after a brief moment, sometimes it is visible long enough for me to choose an option from the menu and sometimes it disappears before I am able to click anything.

I'm using Arch Linux i686 with Compiz as window manager, no IDE.
NVidia GeForce GTX 260
driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 310.19
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Netsu 2012年12月7日 1時23分 
I figured it's not the same issue as for me the menu will disappear after a moment even if I don't move my mouse or hover over anything.
Oktoras 2012年12月7日 1時34分 
Are you using focus follows mouse or sloppy focus model? I have this on Gnome 3.6 if I use other focus models than click-to-focus?
Netsu 2012年12月7日 1時41分 
I use click to focus.
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