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Kevin 2012年12月6日下午7:09
List Of Linux Ported Games
is there a list of games that will be ported to linux etc like CS:GO or CSS or some others if theres a list could some plz link it
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=EGC=Nazara 2012年12月6日下午7:58 
I'm pretty sure that all of the Source games are going to be, and hopefully the gold source ones are aswell.
Kevin 2012年12月6日下午8:21 
that would be nice
epernefferin 2012年12月6日下午8:48 
I already bought L4D2 as it's pretty obvious thats being ported, I'll buy CS:GO as well if it gets confirmed.
MeanEYE 2012年12月6日下午10:04 
From that list missing is:
Braid, Osmos, VVVVVV.

I didn't check for others.
Awesome. LOL! I'm going to have fun trying TF2 on a Atom netbook. Glad to see Linux getting some good treatment! Thanks Valve!
Kevin 2012年12月6日下午11:47 
i would love to see CSS next :D
Penguin Pants 2012年12月6日下午11:52 
That list is an incomplete list of currently-supported games. I can't say for certain, but I strongly suspect that all Source games will end-up on Linux. (It would be less work to port the rest of them than to port games with a completely different engine, I imagine.)

Can't wait for CS:GO to get ported. Love that game, but hate rebooting into Windows to play it. FT2 it is, for now.
Kevin 2012年12月6日下午11:53 
yeah same here
all I wantz is l4d2 linux before xmas
kony 2012年12月7日上午12:29 
There's the complete list of Steam games that are for sure coming to linux sooner or later
This is straight from the Steam database, so the linux versions of these games already have been confirmed and added to the Steam linux games list, although many of them are not finished yet and you have to wait for them to be done.
morethanenough 2012年12月7日上午12:30 
I really need L4D, CS, HL ... I hate too reboot my computer to play with them. I hope the other companys follow the valve's exemple
lucifertdark 2012年12月7日上午2:56 
I vote with my wallet, (random company) no Linux version for me, no cash for you. Simple really.
B~ 2012年12月7日上午3:25 
I need Dota 2 on Linux
R@$mu$ 2012年12月7日上午3:36 
引用自 robert.alderson2
I vote with my wallet, (random company) no Linux version for me, no cash for you. Simple really.

Its what we should all be doing really
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