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[VKKT] meklu 2012年12月6日 12時07分
Issue report: TF2: Game doesn't support non-ASCII input
With a Finnish keyboard layout, I'm unable to enter Umlauts (ä, ö) in the in-game chat box.
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[CIR]Sten_Gun 2012年12月6日 17時26分 
Same here! (letters used in italian: è é ò à ù ì)
I think this bug is related to unicode support (you know in windows the char codification is different)
Dan Hibiki 2012年12月8日 8時30分 
I'm using the US International layout, typing in portuguese and I also have this problem. In addition to that, I am unable to open the console window with the ` key (probably because it is a dead key).
[VKKT] meklu 2012年12月8日 8時43分 
You can actually re-bind the console key through the keyboard options. You would also have to enable the console under advanced settings.
Dan Hibiki 2012年12月8日 8時45分 
Sure, but it works this way on Windows, so it should work on Linux too.
[VKKT] meklu 2012年12月8日 9時00分 
Yeah, I suppose so.
Dan Hibiki 2012年12月13日 15時23分 
With the latest update the characters with accents are accepted correctly, but the console issue still exists here.
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