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DC-SoapSuds 2012年12月3日下午9:14
Issue Report: Browsing for applications doesn't work
Adding non steam applications brings up a fairly good list, however when browsing with the file browser no applications show up.
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Frank 2012年12月4日下午2:57 
Dark, can you be more specific with your issue? Which list is being brought up? Which file browser are you using and what are you looking for?
Basically, some steps to orientate me with your issue.
DaVince 2012年12月4日下午3:00 
I (probably) know and confirm what he's talking about:
- Click Add a game
- Click Add a non-steam game
- Click on "Browse".
Result: nothing happens.

EDIT: the button doesn't work only the first time around. Click again and it works! I only just discovered that...

EDIT 2: this browse menu only shows .desktop files, no binary or .sh files. This is probably what Dark- meant with "no applications show up".
最后由 DaVince 编辑于; 2012年12月4日下午3:16
play3man 2012年12月4日下午3:07 
Same here!
Frank 2012年12月4日下午4:19 
Good find Dark and DaVince. i just repro'd it myself! I will add it to the bug database.
DC-SoapSuds 2012年12月4日下午6:33 
Sorry about being vague, I'm glad everyone got that cleared up. That is in fact what I meant.
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