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Guldart 2 dic 2012, ore 18:48
Issue Report: Serious Sam 3: crashes on Start.
When it starts the screen goes black, an after some flashing pops out an error message saying " Fatal Error: Cannot set display mode".
Then the resolution of desktop gets messed up, and I have to change it manually.

All though, I've been playing World of Goo(via Steam) without problems.

OS: Ubuntu 12.10 Cinnamon
Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop
Processor: Intel Core2 T5600 @ 1.83
Memory: 2041 MB DDR2
Graphics: Intel 945GM(1280X800) -Latest Drivers-

I know it is a really old Laptop, but it does the work (and cover the minimum requirements)
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keks 3 dic 2012, ore 3:53 
You can try the public beta version of the game and see if problem is fixed, but your computer is below minimum requirements for linux version of the game as intel gpus are not supported.
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Guldart 3 dic 2012, ore 12:13 
You are right, I just tried it on my desktop(nvidia), and runs just ok.
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