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virtual viagra 2012年12月2日上午1:10
Issue Report: /usr/bin/steam becomes unremovable
Noticed after I got this error message when entering password on startup. Tried to remove /usr/bin/steam as root and got: rm: cannot remove '/usr/bin/steam': Operation not permitted
even with -f flag. Permissions not an issue: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6011 Dec 1 22:15 steam
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barsanuphe le sec 2012年12月2日上午1:23 
sudo chattr -i /usr/bin/steam
I had the same thing in Arch and saw this in the AUR package page.
virtual viagra 2012年12月2日上午1:39 
引用自 barsanuphe le sec
sudo chattr -i /usr/bin/steam
I had the same thing in Arch and saw this in the AUR package page.
cheers for the fix
interesting bug though
barsanuphe le sec 2012年12月2日上午1:43 
I'm not sure if this comes from the steam.deb or the Arch package though.
pierre 2012年12月2日上午2:02 
The install script of the Arch package seems to do this. But steam's attempt to bypass the package manager and change files on the system is really bad behavior.
scott_test123 2012年12月2日上午8:38 
Steam will be changing to rely on the package manager to update this script (therefore Steam won't ask for your password anymore).
kigucdoshu 2012年12月2日上午8:49 
Great news! Thanks for listening to our input. :)
RussianNeuroMancer 2012年12月2日下午4:24 
It's right decision, thank you!
Vash 2012年12月2日下午9:42 
Yes, definitely the right decision long term. There really are only a couple major package types out there anyway, and if you just released it as a tarball I'm sure every distribution would be willing to do the packaging for you anyway.
Rain Ninja 2012年12月2日下午11:08 
Very very very happy about this.
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