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destruct0r 2012年11月30日 13時57分
Issue Report: Offline Error code: -6
When I restart Steam in offline mode, Steam displays "Error Code: -6 Failed to load web page (unknown error)." Message where I expect the browser should be.
最近の変更はdestruct0rが行いました; 2012年11月30日 14時03分
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nebulon 2012年12月9日 23時25分 
I can confirm this. Same for me.
flugga [FR] 2012年12月12日 13時06分 
Same for me. Either on Linux Mint Mate 13 or in Ubuntu Unity 12.04.
This is because Steam is looking for it's "Steam is in offline mode" cached web page in the folder
while this folder doesn't exist. The correct path would be
Yes, linux is case sensitive ;)

How to fix it as a developer : fixing the path, the "offline_*" pages are in ~/Steam/steam/cached
How to work around as an user : rename ~/Steam/steam to ~/Steam/Steam, either manually or with the command
mv ~/Steam/steam ~/Steam/Steam
Hope it helps ;)
最近の変更はflugga [FR]が行いました; 2012年12月12日 22時35分
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