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BuXXi 2012年11月30日 9時58分
Issue Report: Enter key binds doesn't work in TF2
As I am lefthanded I have bound Enter to slot3, that doesn't work now. Nothing happens when I press it. But Enter works for submitting chat messages or in the console.

I'm using a Q-pad MK-50.
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DerRidda 2012年11月30日 21時19分 
Same issue for me on a run-of-the-mill Speedlink USB keyboard, it used to work just a day ago seems like the latest TF2 update might have broken it and now it can't be bound to anything. Also of note: It's both ENTER keys, keypad RETURN and numpad ENTER that won't work and I'm using the locale de_DE.UTF-8.
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DerRidda 2012年12月6日 6時18分 
Bumpety Boo: As this is still an issue and there hasn't been much attention given to this thread I may ask some of you WASD cowboys to try and see if you can bind something to RETURN/ENTER.
mearo (´・ω・`) 2012年12月6日 8時37分 
I just tested this and can verify that the bind doesn't appear to function.

If I bind it to +jump for example, and then just type "bind enter" it does show that enter is in fact bound to +jump
but in the game pressing enter would not actually make me jump.
mikesart 2012年12月10日 11時52分 
I've added this to our buglist. Thanks for reporting it.
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