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surhorse 2012年11月30日 8時07分
Issue Report: Computer with Low Resolution
Using a notebook with 1024x600 resolution.
The default steam window size is too large for the screen and the menu bar is hidden and can't be moved down. Resizing will just keep it at default size.
Probably related: The actual cursor will be slightly above of where it shows.
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Yamagata 2012年11月30日 8時24分 
I have the same issue on my netbook. It's usable, but the steam window at it's smallest size extends beyond the top and bottom of my screen. The netbook is powerful enough for things like Dungeons of Dredmore and other less intensive games, but big picture isn't really an option.
DaVince 2012年12月4日 14時38分 
Confirming; however, my testig setup is even less standard. I'm trying out Steam on my Eee PC 701, which has a max resolution of 800x480 (just to test out the more lightweight games, which work great, and the performance on an Intel 950GM card). I constantly have to alt-drag the window around in order to use Steam.

It would be nice to have a low-resolution mode for Steam, in which elements are reordered to fit well in said resolution. Especially useful on small notebooks or tablets.
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Frank 2012年12月4日 16時02分 
We'll add this to our Feature Request list.
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