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LukeStoneHm 30. marras, 2012 5.07
Issue Report: Client Crashing
Ok, I just got steam on my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop. Its an HP 635, so not beefy at all. All I want to play on the laptop is FTL. Anyways, the client is very crash prone. I had to reset my password because I forgot it (been a while since i had to enter it in on my windows pc at home) but the "recover password" button and following screens crash very often. Once I got in, the client crashed when I opened up a friend tab to chat, also when I attempted to install Amnesia and FTL. It does not crash at all in Big Picture mode. I love BP-mode.

In a somewhat separate issue, I cannot launch Amnesia. It simply brings up an unclosable white window, that says "amnesia launcher". Nothing else happens after that. And is unclosable.

FTL works when launched from BP-mode. It crashes the normal client.

I'm liking what I am seeing, when I get home this evening I am installing Ubuntu on my home pc :)
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