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branchman 2012年11月29日下午3:50
Issue Report: A Steam Engine Instance already exists
Steam reported error just after starting:
Fatal Error: Steam failed to load: *SteamStartEngine(0xfffa7a00) failed with error 1: A Steam Engine Instance already exists.

This bug could not be reproduced, but it could help when revealing another problems, so am reporting it.
Steam on Ubuntu 12.10 (64bit),
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StolenArt 2012年12月7日下午3:09 
This happens to me each time I try to load Steam.

I suspect it's because I had steam on my system before I got my beta key. Un-installing steam it with:

sudo apt-get remove steam

and re-installing does not fix the issue.

No fix as yet but I'll post when I have something.

Ubuntu 12.04. system Dell Studio XPS 8100 processor Intel i5 3.47GHz memory 8GiB System Memory display Redwood [Radeon HD 5670] bridge 82801 PCI Bridge
Morg 2012年12月20日上午10:28 
I just found out a solution/fix to this problem... I know it's late but somebody might find it useful. Apparently steam on linux uses a process called "MainThrd" so when you're looking for the various processes on your task list you may not identify it immediately as steam-related.

Just kill the "MainThrd" process (killall MainThrd in your terminal) and then steam should start normally again.
kleshas 2012年12月20日上午10:50 
Thankyou Morgawr - that fixed my Steam not running at all.
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Steam for Linux > Limited Beta > 主题详情