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Steam on Ubuntu 12.10 Error message
When I try and open Steam on my computer, which is running Ubuntu 12.10, it gives me the error message "Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm you network connection and try again" But when I open Steam downloaded to my copy of Ubuntu using WINE, a program that lets you open programs meant for Windows, it connects and works fine. The only problem is that you can't play games on it. You can get to the chat menu and stuff, just no games, which is what the version for Ubuntu is supposed to let you do. :/ Anyone know how to fix this?
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I had the same problem, but in my case, the network connection was indeed broken.

It seems to me that Steam is trying to update itself, but there is some problem (could be a bug) that is preventing it from doing that. I would suggest reinstalling the client.


having the exact same problem, xubuntu 12.10. from what I've learned trawling It seems it crops up from time to time, theres plenty of posts but no 'solutions'. Im hoping that means that it goes away soon enough. can you confirm that this is the case?

[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Downloading update (10,242 of 162,006 KB)...
[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Downloading update (10,280 of 162,006 KB)...
[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Error: Download of package (tenfoot_images_all) failed after 0 bytes (200).
[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Download Complete.
[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Error: Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again.
[2013-08-17 11:19:27] Package file missing or incorrect size

It can download, but drops out before long. I will try late tonight, my ISP can be a bit difficult, pulling the plug on some tasks at some times. congestion-related I hope.
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