cendalire Nov 21, 2012 @ 8:45pm
Starting Steam games outside Steam
I've noticed that if I start any game from outside of Steam (in particular, using a .desktop icon that runs "steam steam://rungameid/<id>", or just running that command manually) and then close the game, Steam will continue running in the background.

This is a problem because, as far as I know, Steam does not display a system tray icon, so I can't make the main Steam window popup again without killingthe background Steam process.

Anyone know of a work-around or fix for this? I'm not reporting it in the Limited Beta forum yet because I haven't verified this on Ubuntu. Can anyone do so?
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Kaede Kuroi [黒い] Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:11pm 
You could make a script like this:
Originally posted by code:
steam=$(pidof -s MainThrd)
kill $steam
Save it in a place it wont be deleted (I suggest in ~/.steam/bin) with a name like steam-kill.sh, then go into terminal and type alias kill-steam=bash ~/.steam/bin/steam-kill.sh. Now, whenever you're done with steam, you can just go into the terminal and run kill-steam and it will safely close it for you (alternatively, you could have a *.desktop file that runs this command when you click it).
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