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STrRedWolf 2012年11月21日 19時30分
Steam notifications stealing/breaking text focus.
Since I'm not (yet) in the beta, but have been playing a bit where I can (thanks Reddit), I've been trying out just the chat... and can confirm this issue report over in the beta access side:

In short, if you're typing and Steam notifies you of an event, it steals the focus so that your window manager thinks it's typing in Steam instead of where you assume it's on. Even if you have "focus follows mouse" set in your window manager like I do. Infuriating!
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Kaede Kuroi [黒い] 2012年11月21日 20時41分 
+1 I can confirm this for myself as well, though, it doesn't happen with all notifications.
Rain Ninja 2012年11月21日 21時11分 
This is quite dangerous or at least very annoying. I've nearly typed my password(s) into Steam chat accidently because of this! :P
Naelstrof 2012年12月6日 17時12分 
I have the exact same problem, it's quite annoying losing focus randomly while typing.
kukiric 2012年12月6日 17時30分 
It's specially annoying when a friend messages you and you end up sending some half-written gibberish through, this issue should be definitely looked into
VintagePC [VF4-S] 2012年12月6日 17時40分 
I can confirm this even when in-game. It may be related to my dual monitor setup, but every time a message pops up, my motion in TF2 hiccups as it steals focus.

(Running on OpenSuSE 12.2, KDE, am in beta)
EmFi 2012年12月6日 20時36分 
Mint 13 + Cinnamon. Any Steam toaster notification steals focus from the active game or window.
Benguin 2012年12月6日 21時31分 
I too have this problem, with Ubuntu 12.04 with XFCE 4.10... It's pretty anoying :D
Soltrumman 2012年12月7日 23時32分 
Affects me aswell.
えりまきとかげ 2013年1月1日 8時26分 
Same here.
Kleiner 2013年1月1日 11時11分 
Same here. Steam notifications steal focus. Makes it kinda hard to play a game in fullscreen.
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