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| Reines.Ei | Cabu 2012年11月20日上午10:08
Little bugs Steam Beta.
Hi, i'm using Steam Beta without beta acount (non-beta account) and i notice some things. I don't play any game yet. Only test the client for chating.
1) When someone goes online i loose focus in the actual windows. So i have to change and goes back to regain focus.
2) I move the "steamapps" folder to another partition and i make a symbolic link to the folder. Steams works fine however becouse of that Steam don't reconize my free space in the other partition.
3) When i try to install in a partition with no space for the actual game it pop out the advice and i can't install. However if i try to recover a backup game it let me install it the game anyway.
4) In ubuntu 12.04 Using unity: The steam icon sometimes get duplicated. When i close all windows still there. And if i click in one of the two copies doesn't do anything and in the other open the last windows close, as i did't close before.
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