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Swiftpaw 2012年11月18日 7時21分
Steam Community Forums very slow
When I move my mouse around the Linux Community Forums using the Steam client it freezes for 5-10 seconds after highlighting a different forum posting. Anyone else having this issue? Is it known?

Running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit with 32-compat stuff installed. Catalyst 12.4.
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mikeym 2012年11月18日 7時30分 
Yes, but I'm getting slow load and timeouts using Firefox as well.
blackout24 2012年11月18日 7時40分 
@OP Do you mean using the client or your regular Browser?
Swiftpaw 2012年11月18日 9時19分 の投稿を引用:
@OP Do you mean using the client or your regular Browser?
In the Steam client. I changed "with" to "using" to make it more clear.

It acts like my mouse is frozen hovering over a forum thread and the entire client will not respond until after around 5 seconds later. Not showing any errors in the console during this time though.
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[Linux] Schrödinger's cat 2012年11月18日 9時42分 
I have same the same thing, and what is more interesting - in wine there is no such freezes
xPlozion|xG 2012年11月18日 9時55分 
I've got the same issue with the client in Arch x86_64 with nvidia 310.19 drivers. Doesn't happen in Chromium or Epiphany though
Rain Ninja 2012年11月18日 15時14分 
Yeah the "tooltip" or preview function in the forums has caused lag ever since the client became available for me.

I think the Valve guys are aware of it though.
Gilgamesh 2012年11月18日 17時12分 
Same issue here.

mikeym の投稿を引用:
Yes, but I'm getting slow load and timeouts using Firefox as well.
I'm relieved that I'm not the only person experiencing this. I was thinking that my ISP was blocking it for some reason, despite having no such reason to do so... My paranoia gets the better of me sometimes.

Anyway, I use Chrome and I'm also getting slow loads and various timeouts, but even so, it's still a far better method than using the client, ATM.
Sith 2012年11月18日 22時27分 
Same here
DushaSmile 2012年11月19日 0時01分 
Same problem
x414e54 [Linux] 2012年11月19日 12時27分 
Also the same problem here. Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, 32bit compatability also but with nVidia 310. It definitely seems to happen anywhere there is a long tooltip. It does not seem to happen with short tooltips. Maybe it is blocking whilst the tooltip is displaying and the length is related to the time the tooltip displays after mouseout.
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karmik 2012年11月23日 2時12分 
Same problem on Ubuntu 12.10, 64bit, Gnome shell.
play3man 2012年11月23日 2時24分 
Same problem, Ubuntu 12.10, 32bit, Unity
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ktrl-z 2012年12月4日 14時48分 
I use the forums only from the browser, because from Steam is unusable...
I have Ubuntu 12. 10 64bit, and same in ElementaryOS Jupiter 64bit too.
DaVince 2012年12月4日 15時10分 
Don't worry, Valve is aware of the issue:
Frank (Valve) の投稿を引用:
This is something several people have been reporting (e.g. link and link). It doesn't seem to be limited to a specific browser and/or distribution.It's known to us and we'll investigate it.
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Elros 2013年2月13日 14時29分 
It has something to do with window refresh, when you perform an action it takes a million years, but if you click and move the window, you can see that the change it was made.

Really strange, on my workstation I have this problem but not in my laptop with the very same linux version.

Hope it helps
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