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kwahoo 17/nov/2012 às 13:02
SS3: BFE benchmarking
There is a console command
bmkStartBenchmarking(float tmStartIn, float tmDuration) - Start benchmarking, starting in tmStartIn seconds and lasting for tmDuration seconds. When done, print the results to the console.

I done test for the first 5 minutes Unearthing the Sun gameplay (level with huge destruction - Scrapjacks and Biomechs). Hardware: Athlon II 240 @2.8GHz, Radeon 6670 1GiB GDDR5, 2GiB RAM.

21:39:08 INF: Apply quality: CPU speed=Medium, GPU speed=Medium, GPU memory=High
21:39:13 LOG: 565 shaders reloaded in 5.3 seconds
21:39:23 LOG: 680 textures reloaded in 9.6 seconds
21:39:32 INF: > gfxRestart()
21:39:33 LOG: Trying to set display mode 1920x1080(fullscreen)...
21:39:33 LOG: Loaded "/home/adi/Steam/SteamApps/common/Serious Sam 3/Bin/".
21:39:33 WRN: Failed to capture mouse
21:39:33 LOG: Loaded "".
21:39:34 LOG: Loaded "".
21:39:46 INF:
21:39:46 INF: Gfx API: OpenGL
21:39:46 INF: Resolution: 1920 x 1080
21:39:46 INF: Vendor: ATI (0x1002)
21:39:46 INF: Driver: ATI Technologies Inc. (0x6758)
21:39:46 INF: Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6670
21:39:46 INF: Version: 4.2.11978 Compatibility Profile Context
21:39:46 INF: Video memory size: 1024 MB
21:39:46 INF: Available for textures: 776 MB
21:39:46 INF: Active GPU(s): 1
21:40:35 LOG: Starting level: "Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/01_BFE/07_Karnak1/07_Karnak1.wld"
21:40:35 LOG: Player profile saved with size 3.44kB(96.00kB) at 2012/11/17 21:40:35.
21:40:35 LOG: resFreeUnusedProxies() released '63' and reverted 0 proxy objects in 0.00 seconds.
21:40:35 LOG: resFreeUnusedStock() released 1301 files in 0.04 seconds.
21:40:35 LOG: Started loading world "Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/01_BFE/07_Karnak1/07_Karnak1.wld"
21:41:16 LOG: Finished loading world. (process memory: 456 MB)
21:41:17 LOG: Timestamp: 2012/11/17 21:41:17
21:41:17 INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/01_BFE/07_Karnak1/07_Karnak1.wld' in 41.91 seconds.
21:41:18 LOG: In memory saved game created successfully with size of 5.00MB(24.00MB) in 0.80627296. seconds
21:41:19 LOG: Game successfully saved with size of 6.00MB(6.00MB) at 2012/11/17 21:41:19. ($/home/adi/Steam/userdata/103922061/41070/local/SeriousSam3/SavedGames/0000000754_QuickSave.sav)
21:41:19 LOG: Save game created in 1.2695431 seconds.
21:41:26 INF: > bmkStartBenchmarking(5,300)
21:41:28 LOG: resFreeUnusedProxies() released '18' and reverted 0 proxy objects in 0.00 seconds.
21:41:28 LOG: resFreeUnusedStock() released 34 files in 0.02 seconds.
21:41:28 TRC: 7 sound channels reinitialized.
21:46:31 INF:
21:46:31 INF: - benchmark results -
21:46:31 INF:
21:46:31 INF: Duration: 300.0 seconds (6074 frames)
21:46:31 INF: Average: 20.2 FPS (20.7 w/o peaks)
21:46:31 INF: Spikes: 65.0 max, 0.4 min
21:46:31 INF: Sections: AI=3%, physics=4%, sound=1%, scene=70%, shadows=7%, misc=15%
21:46:31 INF: Lows: 47 in 9.3 seconds (5.1 FPS)
21:46:31 INF: < 20 FPS: 39%
21:46:31 INF: 20-30 FPS: 49%
21:46:31 INF: 30-60 FPS: 12%
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blackout24 17/nov/2012 às 13:13 
Can't wait until I get home next Friday. I'll bench the crap out of SS3 with every single tuneable I have in Linux.
mikeym 19/nov/2012 às 8:45 
How, exactly did you do the benchmark? The command I see in your console doesn't seem to work for me:

It complains something about :1 (don't have it loaded now).
kwahoo 19/nov/2012 às 11:40 
Make sure that you typed:
not (afaik there may be a bug with comma and dot with some keyboard layouts):
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mikeym 19/nov/2012 às 13:03 
Ah, yes. It did look a bit like it was giving me a fullstop but it was hard to tell as it was at the bottom of the console. Any ideas about how to get round the keyboard layout bug?
kwahoo 19/nov/2012 às 13:22 
Escrito originalmente por mikeym:
Any ideas about how to get round the keyboard layout bug?
Somewhere (I cannot tell where exactly is, while I'm on other computer) in SteamApps/Common/Serious Sam 3/Temp/RCon/History/ is a text file with latest commands. Open the file, write the benchmark command, save the file and run the game. Now you can find the command using arrows.
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mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 5:43 
@kwahoo, thanks! Good work.

5 minutes Unearthing the Sun, with all setting on Ultra on Linux native. AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor × 4 @3.6 GHz, Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GiB, Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM.

INF: Started simulation on 'Content/SeriousSam3/Levels/01_BFE/07_Karnak1/07_Karnak1.wld' in 30.85 seconds.
INF: > bmkStartBenchmarking(5,300)
WRN: Can't find animation 'Aim_AssaultRifle' in anim host Content/SeriousSam3/Presets/Animations/Player.anh.
INF: - benchmark results -
INF: Duration: 300.0 seconds (12350 frames)
INF: Average: 41.2 FPS (41.7 w/o peaks)
INF: Spikes: 99.1 max, 4.5 min
INF: Sections: AI=4%, physics=11%, sound=1%, scene=60%, shadows=18%, misc=6%
INF: Highs: 1720 in 25.2 seconds (68.1 FPS)
INF: Lows: 1431 in 54.0 seconds (26.5 FPS)
INF: 20-30 FPS: 8%
INF: 30-60 FPS: 76%
INF: > 60 FPS: 15%
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mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 8:43 
Exactly the same setting as above on the same machine but in Windows 7.

16:35:10 INF: - benchmark results -
16:35:10 INF:
16:35:10 INF: Duration: 300.0 seconds (20648 frames)
16:35:10 INF: Average: 68.8 FPS (71.3 w/o peaks)
16:35:10 INF: Spikes: 140.5 max, 4.2 min
16:35:10 INF: Sections: AI=6%, physics=9%, sound=2%, scene=61%, shadows=20%, misc=4%
16:35:10 INF: Highs: 862 in 8.5 seconds (101.2 FPS)
16:35:10 INF: Lows: 1862 in 40.0 seconds (46.5 FPS)
16:35:10 INF: 30-60 FPS: 22%
16:35:10 INF: > 60 FPS: 78%
mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 8:46 
So about 28 FPS Slower on Linux at the moment with an ATI card. It's definitely completely playable but hopefully there will be some ATI optimisations to come (by Croteam and AMD) that will even these up somewhat.
kwahoo 20/nov/2012 às 9:38 
Escrito originalmente por mikeym:
Exactly the same setting as above on the same machine but in Windows 7.
With Direct3D
gfx_iAPI = 2
or OpenGL?
gfx_iAPI = 1
mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 10:08 
In Windows, I didn't check gfx_iAPI but I know Direct3D loaded.
mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 11:15 
Here's a barchart[] showing the comparisons of benchmarks I tried, including the ones here and another few with the recommended settings for performance set in Linux. The Linux benchmarks were carried out on the publicbeta build.

The the FPS highs and lows are also shown.
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blackout24 20/nov/2012 às 11:27 
Scaling Govenor Ondemand was faster than Performance?
mikeym 20/nov/2012 às 11:43 It's only a couple of FPS difference. And because I benchmarked game-play there's not guarantee you'd see exactly the same load each play through. But I would guess that there's little difference. One of Croteam did say that the fix they'd put in the publicbeta build was essentially put it into performance mode.
kwahoo 21/nov/2012 às 9:31 
Escrito originalmente por mikeym:
And because I benchmarked game-play there's not guarantee you'd see exactly the same load each play through.

Unfortunately there is no demo record/playback tool :( AlenL said that Serious Sam BFE is too complicated for such tool
SpitFire707 21/nov/2012 às 13:16 
hey mikeym, can you test SS3 using OpenGL(gfx_iAPI=1) on Windows 7? Would be nice to see another comparison, OpenGL GNU/Linux and OpenGL Windows 7.
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