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Col.Burke [Linux] 2012年11月14日上午11:24
Humble Bundles statistics request
You know when you login to your humble bundle account and you can select your old bundles and its shows you that financial break down. Anybody know where i can get all of them for all the bundles - just for some statistics .
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kigucdoshu 2012年11月14日下午12:14 
Col.Burke [Linux] 2012年11月14日下午12:21 
Cheeseness 2012年11月15日上午3:58 
I've also been starting to capture Humble Bundle data hourly (this is still very much a work-in-progress feature though)
[LINUX] RyuzakiKK 2012年11月15日上午4:03 
Thanks Cheese for your work with HIB ;)
Cheeseness 2012年11月15日下午11:29 
No thanks necessary. It's something I enjoy :D
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