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Col.Burke 2012年11月12日 16時45分
Anybody playing Red Orcherstra
Anybody playing Red orchestra on the beta . Having a few bugs , going to report the later.
Just Crosschecking

Everything for me works expects (bar a few gui bugs ) expect the rifle scope. its just half blanked out and no cross hairs
Anybody having the problem ?
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AJSB 2012年11月13日 4時38分 
I will test tonight....i'm not a big fan of sniping ;)

In all FPS that i play or played i usually don't use sniper rifles....
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icculus 2012年11月13日 15時23分 
I think there's a fix from Killing Floor for the sniper scope that didn't make it back into RO1. I'll have to check. Nag me if this doesn't get fixed in the next update!
AJSB 2012年11月13日 23時27分 
This night i tested the scope and it was just fine....i didn't see any problem with it....

Linux Mint 13 32bit with Kernel 3.6.6 and the NEW NVIDIA DRIVER * 3 1 0 . 1 9 * !!!

Yes, it's not a typo !!! 310.19 installed manually !!!
powrtoch 2012年11月14日 1時49分 
I'm having problems with the scope as well.

Using 304 Nvidia driver.
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AJSB 2012年11月14日 6時12分 
Use 310.14 or 310.19 although i believe that 310.19 is crap... i gonna compare the quality of both right now....

As for it's riddled with bugs....

PS: Yes, i compared the two and 310.19 is buggy as hell....LOT'S of textures problems in ROOST4145.
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/linuX/gitano 2012年11月23日 6時13分 
Some of us have started a bug & issues thread on the official forums:

If u guys experience similar problems let us know!
Col.Burke 2012年11月23日 12時49分 
:L , it was actually me who set that up that thread - havent been on it in a while.
drjoms 2012年12月17日 15時32分 
same here, latest nvida drivers on gtx 470
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Col.Burke 2012年12月29日 15時37分 
is anybody getting a logo for red orchestra or do we all have a steam icon ?
amisdaman 2012年12月29日 15時42分 
I'm unable to launch the game. The loading icon comes up and then the game crashes before it can fully start up. I have a Nvidia 5400m.
Col.Burke 2012年12月29日 15時43分 
any error messages?
Col.Burke 2012年12月29日 15時44分 
is that a laptop ? if so what laptop - amazon link if you can
amisdaman 2012年12月29日 16時00分 
No error, just a crash. It is a laptop. It is a Thinkpad T430 running Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon.
This is a screen shot of the specs of the laptop since the exact configuration is not on amazon.
amisdaman 2012年12月29日 16時02分 
This is how far the game will get when I attempt to run it. After this it crashes with no error.
Col.Burke 2012年12月29日 16時03分 
does it just hang there or...
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