[GamingOnLinux] Liam 9. marras, 2012 15.23
[Feature Request] Option to run custom command on games
Okay this is something Desura has which makes things a lot easier for some Linux users - all us to prefix all games with a command.

For example all Bumblebee users would probably want "optirun" or "primusrun" to be used on all games to use the nvidia chip not the intel one.

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johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 9. marras, 2012 15.38 
mumble-overlay would love this, not to mention inline tools like glc / ffmpeg for recording video.
[GamingOnLinux] Liam 9. marras, 2012 15.41 
Yes stuff like that too, it would be a seriously useful feature!!
CowedOffACliff 9. marras, 2012 18.22 
I could see this being used to simplify use of rudimentary debugging like logging sdout/sderr or taking periodic snapshots of memory and CPU usage.

It certainly wouldn't hurt anyone.
[Linux] DGFone 9. marras, 2012 20.15 
I would love to be able to attach custom shell commands to applications.

For example, I have Call of Duty 1 on my Steam account, and because it runs on the Quake 3 engine, new NVIDIA graphics drivers cause a buffer overrun on start-up. Because it interferes with other games that work normally, I had to create a whole special launcher shell scrip if I want to play that game. It will be much easier to just attach this fix and other shell scripts to individual games and applications in Steam.
MyLittleProject 10. marras, 2012 3.11 
Well, why the hell not? Should be easy enough to implement, in the same fashion as we can already append command line options behind the files under Windows. I don't see this hurting anyway and it would be quite trivial to implement.
K900 10. marras, 2012 4.04 
I really like this one. At least there should be an option to start games with optirun/primusrun until NVIDIA and the kernel developers figure out a way to do DMA-BUF right.
AlenL 10. marras, 2012 4.25 
I'm curious... What's preventing you from replacing the game's executable with a custom script that then calls the renamed executable?
[GamingOnLinux] Liam 10. marras, 2012 6.39 
They get overwritten on every game update.
AlenL 10. marras, 2012 6.52 
You have a point there, yes. :)
[GamingOnLinux] Liam 10. marras, 2012 10.52 
I also tried making a new launcher somewhere else, making a link to it and renaming the link to the original while renaming the original - game then won't launch, bummer.
[GamingOnLinux] Liam 12. marras, 2012 4.27 
If someone who has official access could request this in the proper forum i would appreciate it :)
Illy 17. marras, 2012 2.11 
This is a must-have feature, but not for the reasons you're talking about.

It would let us add "wine" to the start of an application command.
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 17. marras, 2012 5.39 
Illy lähetti viestin:
It would let us add "wine" to the start of an application command.

AlenL 19. marras, 2012 2.51 
Illy, I'm not sure I'm following you. Is that a joke, attempt at trolling, or some trick I don't understand? This forum is about running native Linux games.
[GamingOnLinux] Liam 19. marras, 2012 3.38 
I think what he wants is a way to install windows games using Wine to run them.
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