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[PPIT]Loki 2012年11月9日 0時30分
[FeatureRequest] Allow use of external libraries for chromiumembedded

as long as we could not play, the gentoo community kills there time with improving the installation process of steam on gentoo.

The steam client includes
. This is a library from chromiumembedded.

This library has a dependency to cups at the moment. But cups is not very usefull for most games without an attached printer.

In the startup script
the searchpath for the libraries is set to search the steam platform library first.

Would it be possible to reverse the search-order or allow some environment variable to extend the searchpath?

The goal of this is to provide a striped down chromiumembedded library from a system package to avoid unneeded deps if the user has no printer for example.

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ChrisPlaysLinux 2013年5月14日 7時50分 
lordheavy 2013年5月14日 8時03分 
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