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leafar.thenerd 2012年11月7日下午12:00
Uploading Screenshots
I don't know if that is happening just with me or if is caused by the fact that I'm not a beta tester but I'm using the Steam for Linux Beta. I played the demo of World of Goo and I took a screenshot on it, but in time that I will upload that for my Steam's Screenshots this get a error. Did happen this with anyone else?

P.S.: Sorry for bad english.
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siveZ 2012年11月7日下午12:01 
It also sometimes happens on Windows version as well. Try uploading again later.
Keith 2012年12月6日下午1:34 
I'm unable to upload screenshots too. I've tried 4 or so times on different days and it always returns '1 screenshots could not be uploaded due to errors.' Changing the visiblity settings doesn't seem to help.
[onion] chesse 2012年12月8日下午1:00 
Same problem here
it works for me under windows, but not linux
Running Ubuntu 12.04, AMD Graphics with AMD Catalyst 12.11
Gabby Gums 2012年12月8日下午1:13 
For me, works at third time.
Medovyj kot 2013年7月18日上午12:59 
Same on kubuntu 13.04. Can't upload any of them.
Flufinator 2013年7月31日下午6:12 
Delighted to add a "me too!" to the age old thread of doom. Error for me reads: "Steam cloud may be temporarily unavailable". So far, for 3 days running.
cartman-2000 2013年8月1日下午1:53 
The screenshot servers have been having problems for a while now, I've had this problem off and on for the past few months, on both windows and linux. Usually it'll upload after you try a few times though.
red hat 2013年8月22日下午3:17 
Works really poorly for me too. :/ Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Pretty annoying.
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