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CrypTex # Linux! 2012年11月7日 7時13分
Games without native Support - POL?
I want to install games that are not supported native on Steam for Linux. Whats happening now with this games?
I suggest, that there should be implemented a PlayOnLinux-Support or something like that, but only for games that are not supported native.
Is something like this planned in the future?
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NeoTheFox 2012年11月7日 7時15分 
I double this. At least the possibility to just download data would be nice. The example of usage is Morrowind - to run OpenMW you need morrowind.esm from your copy.
Netist 2012年11月7日 7時17分 
It would be more convenient, yes, but I don't want to see this as a feature.

Why? Well, if Steam officially supports Wine then developers using Steam have far less incentive to create native Linux versions of their games. This is bad for obvious reasons.

If you want to use Steam in Wine, use Steam in Wine.
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CrypTex # Linux! 2012年11月7日 7時23分 
I use this at this time for L4D2.
Netist, i think you're right. But a lot of games are not playable, like GTA 4(Yes, it doesn't run because SecurROM).
blackout24 2012年11月7日 7時42分 
Please no Wine in Steam for Linux. If anyhing Wine is what holds native ports back. Be glad that we finally have a working native client and can install native games. More will come. And if you want to play something through wine just install a PoL bottle in the meantime. I'd rather have everything clean.
[GOL] LiamD 2012年11月7日 8時07分 
Agreed, no wine!
Speculi 2012年11月7日 9時30分 
No wine please! If I want wine in Steam, I can allready use Steam in wine. I want native Linux versions of my games.
richi902 2012年11月7日 10時08分 
please no
johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮] 2012年11月7日 10時22分 
Please, no wine, nor any hints of it :-\
alperenelhan 2012年11月7日 10時26分 
why we got steam for linux? to get rid of playonlinux or wine to play games so dont ask this.
apocalyptech 2012年11月7日 10時51分 
Probably not worth worrying about it, whichever side of the fence you're on. If Valve were interested in developing wine-based solutions to things, we'd be using a wine-wrapped Steam client and TF2 right now, which we're not. Also note that if they had been interested in doing something like that, Mac users would have seen it for some time now as well.

Now, of course, there's nothing stopping the game developers themselves from releasing a wine-wrapped game, of course, but that's outside Valve's control.
GoodOlAndy [Linux] 2012年11月7日 11時38分 
I also agree with everyone else that wine needs to be left out of Steam. Although wine is good in allowing Linux gamers to play games that don't have a native Linux port, it is also a huge negative because it gives game developers a reason not to make a native port of their game.
Tea 2012年11月7日 11時45分 
That's not the purpose of Steam. Steam is a content delivery system, it doesn't want to help you run Playonlinux scripts, all it wants to do is download your (Steam purchased) games and let you run them. Usually, you would use Playonlinux to run Playonlinux scripts.
hasufell 2012年11月8日 14時22分 
+1 for no wine support

keep wine out of steam. We already know the tricks. We are here for native games.
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CowedOffACliff the Creator 2012年11月8日 15時00分 
Wine needs to stay the hell out of this one.
Teisei 2012年11月8日 15時06分 
I really don't want to see WINE used in Steam.
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