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Frank 2012年11月6日上午11:25
Steam for Linux limited beta has begun!
The first wave of welcome emails has been sent out!
If you've filled out the survey but haven't received an email don't despair. We will be expanding the beta in the future with more participants from the survey.

Thanks for all your support in getting this out the door,
the Valve Linux team
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Marlinc 2012年11月6日上午11:27 
Woot! Have fun to the people who received their welcome email already.
clockbreaker 2012年11月6日上午11:28 
Here come the tears :'(
boot 2012年11月6日上午11:28 
Oh well, guess I'll have to wait, congrats on who's in it...
Heis 2012年11月6日上午11:29 
Congrats, and have fun testing!
bl33ding_silence 2012年11月6日上午11:29 
Didn't get the emails. Oh well. Go Valve!
Weegee 2012年11月6日上午11:30 
... yay!
P-I-Z-Z-A GIMME PIZZA 2012年11月6日上午11:31 
Uggggh. Bummer.
Netist 2012年11月6日上午11:34 
I don't expect a straight answer, but when exactly is "the future"?
Shady 2012年11月6日上午11:35 
Well, I shouldn't have expected much as I'm running Arch... well, congratz to everyone who is invited! :)
[GOL] LiamD 2012年11月6日上午11:35 
Congrats all i didn't get in so here's to the next thousand?!
RusVicious 2012年11月6日上午11:35 
let's go!
Drybones △ 2012年11月6日上午11:36 
I hope the email is just late cause I don't wanna wait till the next wave lol
Master⁶⁴ 2012年11月6日上午11:36 
Good luck to lucky people who have already been accepted into beta!
I hope that with second wave of email, beta will be extended to those who uses another distro rather than Ubuntu (and another DE rather than Unity). :)
KK 2012年11月6日上午11:36 
Didn't get the e-mail :(

Congrats to people who did!
KK 2012年11月6日上午11:37 
From the comments on reddit and here, it seems like no-one got the verification e-mail yet. Maybe they are just late?
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