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Sundafyllir 2012年11月4日上午1:54
multiple systems, multiple desktop managers
Am I the only person who has multiple linux boxes and would like to test on more than one of them? I've got an AMD desktop with an ATI graphics card, and an Intel gaming Laptop with an NVidia. I also run multiple linux distros and multiple desktop managers. Would be nice to at least have a comments box in the application so that could be taken in to consideration...
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Jimmy 2012年11月4日上午1:04 
Its great that your so enthusiastic, However testing is most effective when it is thorough, and completely ineffective when it is not. Given that the survey takes in to consideration your setup, I suggest putting forward the setup that you think is most unique and use it.

We all want to see Steam on linux but I do not want to see the release botched either.

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Sundafyllir 2012年11月4日上午2:03 
I see your logic, but it seems that it would be beneficial for them to know that I have multiple systems. The reasoning would be, for example, if they have a high percentage of people that have an Intel/Nvidia setup, they could ask people who have included multiple systems to test on their AMD/ATI setup.

Also, it would suck for them to not pick somebody because they put that they use Unity when they also have Gnome available or some other such thing...
正在显示第 1 - 2 条,共 2 条留言
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