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glorious nippon steel 2012年10月24日下午3:57
Post ideas of promotional item
Name the new Steam for Linux TF2 / Portal 2 / etc.

Also, expect Portal 1 to be free again. And TF2. Because it is free to play. Forever.

  • The Distro's Denims
  • Bird's Hat
  • Wingbuds
  • The Ubuntu Ushanka
  • The Redhat Ranger
  • UNIX Umbrella
  • The Darwin Demolisher
  • The Lack of Flight

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Rain Ninja 2012年10月24日下午4:09 
I like those!

The Kernel Popper (flamethrower? I dunno I'm so bad at this LOL)
DivineOmega 2012年10月24日下午4:30 
Tux-edo Bowtie
Chizka 2012年10月24日下午4:38 
The Open Commit
The Bug Report
The Free(dom) Beer
The Fruitless Kernel
The Vimacs
The Broken Dependency
glorious nippon steel 2012年10月24日下午5:10 
The Open Overalls
FloatMy[Boat] 2012年10月24日下午5:13 
penguin plushie please
glorious nippon steel 2012年10月24日下午5:24 
Ah, not another Balloonicorn/Archimedes/etc...

Edit: Unless it was like a Pocket Medic / Teddie Roosebelt / Koala / Parrot etc.
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SiGe 2012年10月24日下午6:49 
I just kinda wish all the traders wouldn't install and grab it then toss Linux away afterwards. They should grant it after one week of using Linux or something or make it untradable.
So you can find see, who is truly using Linux.

On topic: What about a pair of penguin-feet? :D
RPG Master 2012年10月24日下午8:04 
Gonna copy and paste from the earbuds thread:

I was thinking about this around the time Steam for Linux become official. My ideas for our "earbuds" :
Regular tuxedo with maybe a yellow bowtie (the best one, I think)
A giant Tux head hat
A yellow beak
A baseball cap with Tux or Ubuntu on it
An Ubuntu T-Shirt, like the ones Canonical sales
And that's the best I can come up with... I'm not sure what could be as iconic as the iPod earbuds, but for Linux... I guess Tux is really the best we got.
Definitely Not Blitzcrank 2012年10月24日下午10:07 
Oh, we HAVE to have an Engie PDA with a zsh-style interface. I'm not witty enough to name it, though.
FARTER 2012年10月25日上午1:20 
Penguin hat. How its holding there you ask? You stick your head into penguins pooper.
Flaming Sapz 2012年10月25日上午2:36 
Penguin badge
Pad 2012年10月25日上午3:17 
Penguin class in TF2!
Chizka 2012年10月25日上午6:16 
引用自 Ford Prefect
Oh, we HAVE to have an Engie PDA with a zsh-style interface. I'm not witty enough to name it, though.
The Wrist Shell.
dulBIRAKAN [Linux] 2012年10月25日下午12:27 
Stallman beard can be a good cosmetic item too.
miezoo 2012年10月25日下午2:22 
A mobile sentry for engi.
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