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i know this may not be the most important issue or it may not be consider an issue at all, but it still bothers me that the icons on a dock or unity panel don't control the window of the game when you launch it. I would have let it slide but there's one problem, Serious Sam 3 actually use the launcher on unity or a dock to control the window and not the main steam launcher.

does anyone have more information about this ?
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Toquinha Aug 25, 2013 @ 7:22pm 
That's Unity's fault. Move away from it and install other DE.

Just kidding. Hheheh

I had this when I was modeling with Blender. I needed to dock the program's launcher on the panel but it's too stupid to open the launcher again. There's a way of docking launchers but it's too much of a pain. Instead, I installed gnome-fallback from the Software center, never been happier.

Or, you can install KDE (apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop).
Or, you can install GNOME3 and use it's Classic Mode.
Or, you can install XFCE.
Or, you can install LXDE.
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