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OverPowered 2013年7月28日 3時12分
''New Steam library folder must be on a filesystem mounted with execute permissions''
I got the following error trying to install a new steam library folder on an external usb hard drive. I tried different external hard drives as well as flash drives, but they all get the same error. I have succeeded in installing steam games on external hard drives on windows, however my steam games need to be installed on linux in this situation.

How can I bypass this error code? Must I give execute permissions to the external drive? If this is so, how will it happen?
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vodik 2013年7月28日 3時43分 
What filesystem is on the usb drive? Is it mounted with noexec? UIf Steam is complaining it can't set executable flag on the filesystem, that filesystme is likely fat and you can't chmod on fat.

Is this drive for linux only? Reformat it to ext4 or something else.
Yoyosan 2013年7月28日 3時48分 

By presuming you have Ubuntu installed, I've fixed this problem by adding this line in the /etc/fstab file:
/dev/sda6 /media/MEDIA7 ntfs-3g defaults,user,locale=en_US.utf8,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

Presuming that your external disk is formatted AS NTFS, replace /dev/sda6 with your disk path(you can find it out using "fdisk -l"). The /media/MEDIA7 is the mount point. Make sure that you replace the integer values of uid and gid with your own(you can get them by using "id").

Note that the exec flag is what is fixing your problem.
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vodik 2013年7月28日 8時51分 
Thats assuming NTFS. Its an external usb, my bets is on fat32.
Lord Easpada 2013年10月24日 0時24分 
what i did was i clicked on Files, went down to my hard drive right clicked went to permissions and then changed it so i had read write permissions for my group which included me and that fixed it.
reznor 6月27日 15時38分 
For Linux users who are using decent file systems:
If you are using the directive "user(s)" in your /etc/fstab, you must specify "exec" afterwards. "user(s)" implies "noexec", that's an security feature. The directives are processed in order, specifying "exec" after "user(s)" solves this problem.
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GranadaFEUP 9月14日 14時38分 

Thank you, your solution worked for me.
(``o_o!) 12 時間前 
my system:arch+openbox
I have mounted my disk with"mount -o default,exec,umask=0"
But it still showed wrong message.
LOLCAT 11 時間前 
(``o_o!) の投稿を引用:
my system:arch+openbox
I have mounted my disk with"mount -o default,exec,umask=0"
But it still showed wrong message.
The error message is faulty, it doesn't actually show the real issue. You just have to rename SteamApps to steamapps (lowercase). One of the recent updates started using the new directory name.
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