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Spam Nugget 2013년 7월 7일 오후 3시 10분
Steam for Linux, wierd texture glitch on Source games
Recently installed Steam on Linux, but am having really wierd graphics glitches with my source games. This is happening across a multitude of games; TF2, Portal, HL2, HL2 ep1+2. There are some really wierd phsycadelic texture effects going on..

My computers running Linux Mint 14; I have intel integrated graphics.
Not sure what to do about this issue?
Please help!
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-FwG- ^ Bucky 2013년 7월 7일 오후 3시 40분 
Did you install the latest mesa drivers?
Spam Nugget 2013년 7월 8일 오전 3시 17분 
No, i havent. This was my first thought, but the graphics driver installer is only certified for ubuntu and fedora at the moment. There are workarounds to get the Ubuntu version to run on Mint, but it apparently has the potential to screw things up, so I havnet done it.
The driver version im currently running is 2.1 Mesa 9.0.3
Kerias 2013년 7월 8일 오전 3시 24분 
I have the same problem. Intel graphics sucks. A few months back everything worked out fine with LM 14 XFCE and oibaf drivers, then suddenly Steam would not start and ever since it has just been problems.
Spam Nugget 2013년 7월 8일 오후 5시 40분 
great.. guess ill just have to keep using win 7 for them for the moment then. ha, id hoped to at least be able to run some games natively in linux
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