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AAAAAAHHHGAWDHELLP! 2013年7月3日 19時58分
Thank you thank you thank you thank you
Humble bundle was nice, but I like steam because it feels like new repo full of games. I just love my Steam games. And I still love my old linux games too. Now I have more games, thanks to steam! I have a linux netbook (1.6Ghz single core) and I'm borrowing a linux desktop (64 dual mega beast). Both have been great so far. I've only had problems with one game, but I'm a real linux user; I wouldn't be happy without a little trouble shooting. I'd like to buy every Linux game on steam!

OS: Lubuntu 13.04
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Floop the Pig 2013年7月3日 23時13分 
You should check out desura, they also have games for linux as well. Check out the open source desurium, you can build it from source.
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[GNU] Richard Stallman 2013年7月4日 15時24分 
Lubuntu works very well for games, I think people have more problems using Ubuntu to run games than Lubuntu from what I've seen. It's a good Distro very direct and no fudging around.
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