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Get Poked! 2013年6月24日 12時23分
Team Fortress 2 + Some Window Managers = Graphics Issues?
Has anyone used TF2 in a minimal window manager like awesome? I have no issues running tf2 out of gnome but if I swap into awesome WM the game launches fine but the response even in the menu is super slow and the performance in game drops from mid 40's FPS down to <1 fps.
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Get Poked! 2013年6月24日 12時30分 
Forgot to post up some system info.

Acer Timeline M5
CPU: I5 3317u
Ram: 10gb
Disk: 256gb Samsung 830 SSD <-- root and home are here
Disk2: unbranded 20gb mSATA ssd that came in the laptop
Distro: Arch Linux 64bit
Kernel: 3.9.7-1-ARCH
GPU: Nvidia 640m LE
Drivers: NVIDIA drivers for linux local/nvidia-utils 319.23-1 this has been the same for several versions of the driver its not a driver issue afaik
Other: I use bumblebee for optimus support, the problem persists if I use optirun or primusrun.

I get around 40fps under gnome but under awesome wm I get sub 1 fps slideshow and the game is basically uselss. On the main menu mousing over a button takes 1-2 seconds to register and change colors. I use compositing and have tried turning that off (compton). Other games like uplink and darwinia are ok, this seems to just effect TF2 (i have not tried CS source yet)
bitcrusher 2013年6月24日 13時13分 
try cinnamon or kde, works better.
Get Poked! 2013年6月24日 13時34分 
Yea I know, I have it running ok in KDE and Gnome. Its just odd that the lightweight WM has worse performance than a full DE. My best results have been in KDE with compositing off.
Doc Holliday 2013年6月24日 14時35分 
Get Poked! の投稿を引用:
Yea I know, I have it running ok in KDE and Gnome. Its just odd that the lightweight WM has worse performance than a full DE. My best results have been in KDE with compositing off.
did you try KDE base?
Get Poked! 2013年6月24日 15時15分 
Yup, as I don't use it much I did not install the larger meta package from the repo. Under KDE the game runs awesome. I just prefer to be in awesome and was curious if anyone knew/worked past the wacky performance issues.
Hardtimes 2013年6月24日 15時35分 
I run Openbox. Works a treat. With a framerate drop that large, something is going on with your config.
aliceif 2013年6月25日 18時06分 
I never had any weird performance issues with awesome.
But I think I haven't tried how well TF2 and Portal run on awesome 3.5, only on 3.4 where they basically ran just fine.
I just tried Portal. It runs just fine (I tested it on the part where you go through the storage cube transportation system).
Using nvidia 310.14, bumblebee 3.2.1, awesome 3.5.1 (installed via a ppa), Linux-generic on ubuntu 12.10 x64
I might take a look at TF2 later today, but I don't have it installed at the moment.
My PC is an Acer Timeline X 5830TG, using an intel core i5 sandy bridge CPU(2.3GHz, 4cores), Nvidia GT540m, 4GB RAM, normal HDD
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Get Poked! 2013年6月25日 18時49分 
Oh dear god please tell me there is not another punnishment for using 3.5 other than banging my head against my rc.lua when I find soemthing online that was from 3.4 :(
Get Poked! 2013年6月25日 18時51分 
Ah I think I have found the root of the problem. Run with dual monitors (Laptop + 1) bad performance. Run laptop only or desktop only game runs fine.Looks like something with how awesome managest two screens. I'll just xrandr down to one screen before playing that's ok by me
aliceif 2013年6月25日 19時18分 
Now that's good to know.
I'm glad that I could be helpful.
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