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Micah 2013년 6월 6일 오전 6시 09분
Tesla + Linux = Yessssss
Hey everyone! My name is Micah and I'm working on a small video game project where you play as Nikola Tesla verses the evil Thomas Edison. The project is being made for Linux and will also be available on Mac and PC. We're super excited to be working on maybe the only game in the world where you get to play as Nikola Tesla (and get to control his pigeons...)

Check out our Greenlight here:

And our Kickstarter here:

Hopefully this doesn't come across as spammy but we need ALL the help we can get if we have any hope of getting this Tesla game completed and getting this game out to the community no matter what operating system to use! We're just too small to get any press coverage so I'm trying to reach out directly to the Linux community for support.

Thanks for your time!
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rudeboyskunk 2013년 6월 6일 오전 7시 56분 
I upvoted :)
[LINUX]FinCoder 2013년 6월 6일 오전 8시 01분 
I hope the very best of you on this project.
Micah 2013년 6월 6일 오전 8시 10분 
Thanks so much guys! We appreciate all the help and support we can get!
SUSEd 2013년 6월 6일 오전 10시 41분 
So this game will have Linux version in release day?
Micah 2013년 6월 6일 오전 10시 58분 
Yep! No stretch goals or post-updates. PC, Mac and Linux Day 1.
hugo 2013년 6월 6일 오전 11시 31분 
JaPi [Linux] 2013년 6월 6일 오후 12시 59분 
Looks good!
Micah 2013년 6월 6일 오후 1시 11분 
Thanks for the love and support guys!

If anyone is interested, we still have some open "early backer" slots open to back the game for just $7 on KS. We need every scrape of help we can get, and if the KS fails- its no loss for you since you wont ever be charged!

I'd love to hear any feedback/questions/comments/concerns that you all may have. Thanks again for the votes, it means a ton!
thetargos 2013년 6월 6일 오후 2시 19분 
This game looks very intersting! Count my support in!
bitcrusher 2013년 6월 6일 오후 4시 22분 
Telsa was a beast, screw edison, wish telsa had more respect when he was alive.
Micah 2013년 6월 6일 오후 4시 30분 
Thanks Targos! Every little bit helps!

@Bit: Tesla was a total beast and its a HUGE shame he died with so little love or support. It's great to see more projects over the past few years about him and we love trying to pioneer him into the game world. He deserves all the attention he can get...
Slogger 2013년 6월 7일 오전 6시 38분 
Micah 2013년 6월 8일 오전 10시 14분 
We've added a new video showing some of the backstory leading up to the events of "Tesla Breaks the World!". You can check it out here:

We also have just 31 slots left for the "Early Backer" on Kickstarter for $7, so grab one up and help make this game a reality for Linux! Thanks again for reading.
Micah 2013년 6월 14일 오전 9시 50분 
A little gameplay snippet high-lighting one of the inventions for Tesla!

Down to just 2 "Early Backer" rewards on Kickstarter! Thanks for checking us out, let me know if you have questions or feedback!
thetargos 2013년 6월 14일 오후 6시 07분 
In my field of work we are very respectful of his legacy, and use his findings regarding magnetism on a daily basis (actually the unit to measure strength of magnetic fields carries his name). Radiology, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance :-)
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