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Routhinator 2013년 3월 12일 오후 12시 27분
64-Bit Flash Player Support
Now that Steam for Linux is officially launched, when is the 64-bit Flash for Linux going to be recognized as installed by Steam, or changed to HTML5 support, so I don't have to launch my browser to see a video?

(Side Note: This question is not intended to include th scope of installing the 32-bit flash version. I have no interest in installing it for one application. It should be a very simple matter for Valve to fix the flash integration to recognize that it's on a 64-bit sytem and look for the 64-bit version, or change to HTML5 support.)
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Max Otto von S 2013년 3월 12일 오후 1시 08분 
when steam will have 64-bit binary itself i.e. never.
instabilis 2013년 3월 12일 오후 1시 54분 
The 64-bit Flash will not work with Steam, as Steam is a 32-bit application.

64-bit binary support for games and HTML5 videos are coming I believe/hope.
Selthus 2013년 3월 12일 오후 2시 20분 
Oddly enough you can watch the videos in BIg Picture mode.
LOLCAT 2013년 3월 12일 오후 4시 12분 
I don't know how it works in your (not mentioned) distro, but using Fedora I can just download the 32-bit flash rpm and install it alongside the 64-bit one. Then both worlds have their own, just like in windows.
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