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Junior s2 Camila 2013年3月10日下午3:01
Any of you ditched Windows?
I'm curious to see how many of you let Windows go and uses only Linux =)
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dnlbaines [Linux] 2013年3月10日下午3:02 
Yeah since S4L released I have, no regrets so far :)
^1Gentoo 2013年3月10日下午3:05 
I use Linux a minimum of 95% of the time nowaday's.
StarFscker 2013年3月10日下午3:08 
I havne't used Windows in years, not unless someone wants me to fix their computer... and when I do I don't like it.

It's really easy. Seriously, just stop using Windows. Using Linux is more fun anyway. I recommend Linux Mint Debian Edition.
mattyy1hp |Linux| 2013年3月10日下午3:14 
When I received an invitation to the beta, I deleted dual-boot and did a clean re-install of Linux.
CarrotDick 2013年3月10日下午3:15 
I already had... but I basically don't use Wine anymore... does that count?
Spongeroberto Squarepantalones 2013年3月10日下午3:17 
I'd love to, but it's a bit too early; Linux has been my main OS for a long time now, but for games I need to dual boot so often.

I'm hoping that will change, though...
Oerthling 2013年3月10日下午3:21 
Yup - 5 years ago.
Now I'm close to ditching wine. ;-)
Junior s2 Camila 2013年3月10日下午3:33 
I have some games that don't work under wine, plus I NEED windows to change my IP adress so, I'm stuck with it if I want to play some old games AND most of those that aren't on Linux yet.
DR. PhillyCheeseSteak 2013年3月10日下午3:38 
between 2 computers ive booted to windows three times since the end of november2012
[Linux] MïndSöurcë [PT] 2013年3月10日下午3:39 
I only use Windows to play CS:GO, but I dont play it in over 2 weeks, but when CS:GO releases in Linux, I'll delet windows :D
Junior s2 Camila 2013年3月10日下午3:50 
引用自 BlackDynamite
No, i'm thinking of ditching linux
LOL why?
Shark 2013年3月10日下午3:54 
Still not sure, might in the future.
lazybot 2013年3月10日下午3:55 
believe it or not i never used windows and I didn't have a steam account until linux version was released.Though I'm a casual player.
Letalis Sonus 2013年3月10日下午4:04 
I switched over several years ago, and shortly after even decided to use the free radeon driver only. Too bad that some more demanding/less Wine compatible games required an XP dual boot that I used only like once every few weeks or even months...

I've been playing around with the thought of a Xen emulated Windows with VGA passthru ever since, but I still lack the fitting mainboard for that... But one thing is sure: No Windows system after XP will touch my hardware, Xen will be first.
Heeter 2013年3月10日下午4:12 
I moved on from Windows last spring when I sold my Windows laptop, Now, I have Ubuntu as a desktop, Chromebook as a laptop, and Android as a Phone device. Haven't looked back.

I did pay $40 for Windows 8, and set it up on a second tower, but, after 2 weeks, I couldn't work with that and sold that too.

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