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Fridgecritter 2013年3月7日上午9:41
Ubuntu Linux 12.10 on PPC64 (Mac PowerPC)
Hello there,

I did some searching using Google first, then on these forums, and I cannot for the life of me find anything related to anyone using a Mac PowerPC 64 (G5) running Linux to play games on Steam.

My issue is the same as posted here:

except I am running PowerPC so if I put [arch=i386] in the line for the deb, it will obviously not work for me, so I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this, or if I simply cannot play using Steam on this platform.

Thanks a ton in advance.
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Tweakedenigma 2013年3月7日上午9:43 
PPC isn't supported by Steam or any of the games. I don't believe it's gonna work for you.
Fridgecritter 2013年3月7日上午9:53 
Thanks for the prompt answer. I figured as much, but it was worth a try. The packages it was looking for are already up to date on my machine, but they are for ppc so it doesn't recognize them.

Not that I expected to turn this machine into a gaming rig anyhow. It's just a play toy to tool around with Linux.
DarkStarSword 2013年3月7日下午4:32 
Steam games don't speak the same language as your CPU, so they won't be able to communicate (they won't work).

Trivia: Your games on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Wii U all speak a dialect of the same language as your CPU - although some of them only know the limited 32bit dialect and the PS3 games also speak fluent SPUwanese. But since none of them know how to talk Linux they won't work either.
SUSEd 2013年3月7日下午10:35 
Clock reporting issue still not fixed, i see.
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