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Kano 6 มี.ค. 2013 @ 8:56pm
Kanotix CeBIT Special with Steam and Nvidia/Fglrx preinstalled and Mesa 9.1
As i really like Steam i created a new special release with some nice features for steam users:

a) in gfxdetect mode you can play games with accellerated drivers
b) you can do a normal hd install - maybe onto an ext4 partition of an external drive (select the mbr of target device and do NOT boot via efi if you want it really portable) - gfxdetect works for hd installs as well!
c) it is possible to use that hybrid mbr/uefi iso with persistent mode too (just reboot to activate)
d) in case you use c) you can also mount a Win ntfs partition via dolphin and Steam lets you select this partition as install target, you don't need to install everything on a slow usb key

Btw. it is Debian Wheezy based + libc6 2.17 from Debian Experimental.

Have fun!

PS: I selected the drivers to match the Steam recommended ones. Basically i could create images with Nvidia 304.xx or Fglrx Legacy as well - but not this week ;)

If you visit CeBIT and want to meet me let me know.
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Kamikaze 6 มี.ค. 2013 @ 9:50pm 
(edited and removed previous, pointless post)

*need to learn to look things up before posting crap.
I see that CeBIT is being held in Hanover, Germany at the moment, NOT australia until May.
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Kano 7 มี.ค. 2013 @ 1:33pm 
Yes. It is now, but i am just a visitor, i dont have got a booth.
ThOR27 8 มี.ค. 2013 @ 3:46am 
Interesting! I will download it later!

Hi Kano, Have you seen my project steam-login ? it pretty simple, but the script steam-de workaround some steam bugs on big picture mode.
There are new bugs that I will workaround in the next update if steam doesn't release a fix soon enough.

I'm really thinking in doing a remaster with nvidia+ati drivers and steam myself.
Kano 8 มี.ค. 2013 @ 8:25pm 
Well basically i see Steam as addon to the default package selection for this specific iso. If i wanted to create a Steam only image then i would use a more minimalistic base. The problem however is that our installer requires qt libs and therefore you always have got some overhead. I could port the gfxdetect code to Ubuntu as well, would require only small changes (but would be slower due to a needed ldconfig). I had some issues with lightdm as well - i could not restart it in a way that i wanted therefore i used kdm. But for a minimal iso you would most likely prefer lightdm. It is certainly possible for me to create the iso you want but i don't think it would promote my distro. I dislike a bit that mainly Ubuntu is mentioned and not Debian which is the base for Ubuntu. Maybe you should learn a bit about Debian live (and live-build) as that's the way the Kanotix (and even Ubuntu partly) is build - however on Ubuntu it is splitted again onto different build servers because of the new shim/grub 2 secure boot code. Up to 12.04 (i think, just look for isolinux.bin) it was syslinux (well isolinux hybrid) and could be build with just the livecd-rootfs package. Remastering is never a clean process, i did that first as well but that's not needed these times. You will always find backup and forgotten files from that process and can not be minimal.
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ThOR27 9 มี.ค. 2013 @ 3:35am 
Hi Kano!

I don't need you to make this, just do that if you think you will have fun doing it :) As I said in my post, I will try to do myself one day.

I don't mention Debian in my project because I mainly only use Ubuntu, I never used Debian on desktop, just servers. Before using K/Ubuntu on Desktop I was a Mandriva/Mandrake user. In the process I also used some remaster of Knopix and Kanotix, but never as main OS.

And the package, I think, also works with others DM as GDM and KDM. Didn't tried myself anyway, I think that just the "icon" is lightdm specific.

So, thanks for the tips :)
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