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John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 15時27分
TUX Celebration
I would invite all the Linux users to celebrate the end of the Tux for TF2. Maybe Linux forums can be usefull for the people really interested in Steam for Linux from now. Here my Tux, achieved the first day.
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John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 15時30分 
omegadot 2013年3月1日 15時42分 
Slackware 7 for me. Definitely been a fun ride.
HON HON HON HON HON 2013年3月1日 15時44分 
Mint 14 32-bit here my first linux was linspire my dad showed it to me in 06
John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 15時45分 
My best times were with Debian 5 and without internet connection... and ATI drivers... so fun! xD
arc| Gps 2013年3月1日 15時54分 
最近の変更はarc| Gpsが行いました; 2013年3月1日 15時56分
John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 16時16分 
I really enjoyed OpenSuse, but I choose KDE flavour that time, and I am a gnome/unity man... someday I would give a new try! :D
arc| Gps 2013年3月1日 16時20分 
You do know you can choose from 4 de when you install openSUSE ?
John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 16時23分 
yes, but I wanted to try KDE. 2 months ago I gave my 3rd try with KXstudio... finally, KDE is great, but not for me.
arc| Gps 2013年3月1日 16時27分 
That one thing I love about Linux. We can very easy pick the de we like.
John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月1日 17時08分 
of course. Each user have a Linux-flavour to choose. :D
Zeroedout 2013年3月2日 1時14分 
Ubuntu since Warty (though I remember switching to Mandrake or Redhat since Warty had some weird bug that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off, but Hoary came out shortly after and I've been using or at least trying and switching off of Ubuntu since (at the time, when Firefox or Liferea had some fix or feature I couldn't stand to be without) &_&. But Arch Linux is by far my favourite distro now and GNOME 3, my favourite DE. That being said, I run Enlightenment on Arch on my laptop; Ubuntu/ Unity on my gaming rig; and XBMCbuntu with steam-de (look it up on github) on my mediacenter. God damn, things have changed! I never thought i'de be running a proprietary DRM filled blob on all my machines (and loving, and pimping it).
The Drunk Otter 2013年3月2日 2時12分 
Using linux since 2009, my first was puppy linux and then used ubuntu,fedora,trisquel ( yeah that one)
John Noob doesn´t play ranked 2013年3月2日 12時37分 
I´m from Vigo, where Trisquel was released! :D
naizarak 2013年3月2日 16時39分 
the egotism on this forum...
sferguson203 2013年3月3日 1時06分 
I've been using linux since 1994, slackware was my first distro at the age of 9. Since then i've used just about every version of *nix available.

Oh and i have my TF2 tux also :)
最近の変更はsferguson203が行いました; 2013年3月3日 1時07分
1-15 / 22 のコメントを表示
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