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darthrevanrules1 2013年2月27日 17時19分
Punishment for going offline?
My Name is darthrevanrules1. I was trying to play Skyrim this morning, It said fatal error, needs to be online to update you set it to offline mode or something like that,so basicly it's punishing me for going offline! Even though my internet is on. I kept clicking it and it still does it! Please God someone is having the same problem as I!
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d10sfan 2013年2月27日 17時27分 
What's this have to do with Linux?
Teisei 2013年2月27日 17時30分 
If you play through Wine, you should go to Wine website.
darthrevanrules1 2013年2月27日 17時37分 
i don't know what wine is. You may think i'm an idiot or something. I'm the kind of person who just wants to pick up the game and play it. But to answer you, no i use it with regular steam, there is nothing wrong with the disc
thetargos 2013年2月27日 17時46分 
You DO realize you posted this on the LINUX section of the forums, do you?

I'll be as condescending as to assume you are running under Windows (7 probably?), and as such you should ask this in the appropriate SECTION of the forums, which, evidently this is not.
darthrevanrules1 2013年2月27日 17時51分 
darthrevanrules1 2013年2月27日 17時52分 
I clicked (start a new discussion)!
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Mr Slippy 2013年2月27日 17時59分 
yes. You are indeed being punished. punished for your sins. your sins and bad thoughts will also cause hair to sprout out from you in the most unlikely of places. i suggest that you volunteer at a homeless shelter and try to avoid 'bad thoughts'. If you do enough good deeds and curb your lust the hair will clear up and you can play skyrim offline again
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darthrevanrules1 2013年2月27日 18時02分 
What does this have to do with anything
[Linux] unbridledExüberance 2013年2月27日 18時03分 

(You're in the steam for LInux subforum. Your question doesn't have to do with Linux)
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PyGuy.deb 2013年2月27日 18時50分 old are you?
CarrotDick 2013年2月27日 19時42分 
This topic is full of LOLs.
Seph//roth 2013年2月27日 22時57分 
lol@ thread, but Revan, find skyrim (or anygame) right click on the game in your library, select properties, then on the updates tab, select "do not automatically update this game" problem solved! (skyrim works amazing on wine btw :))
gutigen o) 2013年2月27日 23時52分 
I wonder how did you manage to make your thread here at Linux subforum? Oo
omegadot 2013年2月28日 2時31分 
Assuming this isn't a troll, I'll be uncharacteristically helpful.

If you really want a community discussion:
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