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lonchaneyjr 2013年2月22日上午1:59
Problem running TF2 or Half-Life on Ubuntu with Xmonad
I've been having trouble running some games on steam, probably due to problems with xmonad (and my xmonad.hs). I run Xubuntu 12.04, and if I use Unity or Xfce then Steam and the games seem to work fine. However, when I use Xmonad as my window manager, I can't seem to run TF2 or Half-Life. When I click play, these games go to a full, black screen, and then seem to hang. I then either have to log out or kill steam. The steam client seems to work ok, and other games seem to work ok (I have tested SpaceChem and FTL).

This seems a bit different to other posts about Xmonad, since those users struggled to get Steam itself working. For me, steam works ok, as do some games, but not TF2 or Half-Life.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any idea how to change xmonad.hs to sort this out. Thanks.

Relevant (I think) parts of xmonad.hs:

Xubuntu 12.04
Xfce 4.8.6
Xmonad 0.10-3
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Greenbikerdude 2013年2月22日上午2:38 
isn't xmonad a twm? I encountered these kind of problems with awesome, i3 etc too and I find installing openbox with menu entries of your installed games is the best way.
1. you aren't tempted to play while working
2. you have all your games one click away without any cluttering :)
3. openbox is lightweight so maximum power for your games :P

It isn't a solution but it is a nice way of handling things.
最后由 Greenbikerdude 编辑于; 2013年2月22日上午2:39
bitcrusher 2013年2月22日上午4:41 
Easy, put it in window mode. "-windowed" in set launch options
最后由 bitcrusher 编辑于; 2013年2月22日上午4:42
lonchaneyjr 2013年2月22日上午7:55 
引用自 Bitcrusher
Easy, put it in window mode. "-windowed" in set launch options

Sorry, can I just check what I should launch in windowed mode? Is that steam, or TF2, or something in xmonad.hs? And if TF2, where can I set that option?

Thanks a lot for the help!
最后由 lonchaneyjr 编辑于; 2013年2月22日上午7:58
Shane 2013年2月22日上午8:28 
Library -> Team Fortress 2 -> Properties -> Set launch option

I think.
lonchaneyjr 2013年2月24日上午2:54 
That works great, thanks a lot.
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