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aecepoglu 2013年2月20日 6時29分
Frozen Synapse permission error
Good day,
I would like some help in running Frozen Synapse from Steam.

My user has full rights over my steam installation directory.
When I try to start Frozen Synapse:
1) I hear the sound coming from the game
2) I see two splash screens
3) I open the console by pressing the '`' key and see it giving an IO access error to file psychoff/testwrite.txt
4) The game then pops a message box titled "permission error" with some generic windows error message about how I should run in under admin account or reinstall.

Googling suggests I uniquely experience this. Any help would be appreciated.
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aecepoglu 2013年2月20日 12時04分 
the ~/.local folder belonged to the root user. I gave it to mine, and fixed it.
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