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Spiral Knights for Linux
The ONLY instance I cannot install Spiral Knights on Linux is on the official version of Steam. I can run it through PlayonLinux's version of Steam, through the website, and even through Armor Games. Please fix this.
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I strongly second this having played this using wine with an account bound to Steam.
I actually created a 2nd account not related to Steam to be able to run Steam for Linux as well.

Please make it available for Steam for Linux :)
@AcTiVaTe: Thanks. Glad to see someone who feels the same way I do! :D

@those who can fix this: Spiral Knights is a Java program, so it can run on all OS's. There is no reason why you should stop it running on Linux!
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An example of a drawback: Just yesterday, I saw a Love Puppy, but I couldn't take a steamshot because I had to play through PlayOnLinux. >:(
instabilis 11. März 2013 um 15:34 Uhr 
The Linux version with Steam integration hasn't been released yet.

If it's showing up in your library with Linux games selected, then it's probably going to be released soon, as it's currently going through testing and QA.
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Oh, thanks. Nobody else bothers to tell me these things...
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