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xargs757 2013 02 月 18 @ 6:35下午
Steam stops downloading game on its own
Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. Downloading TF2, I leave it downloading, but every time I come back to check on its progress Steam has stopped the download. Power settings are set to not put anything to sleep. Any ideas?
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[Linux]Salivating monstah 2013 02 月 18 @ 7:45下午 
Launch the game and it should start downloading again. I think its a problem with linux going into idle and stopping background dl's
System specs?
Steam>help tab> system information copy pasta.
I had a similar problem and I just launch the game and sat with the updating window on front active.
xargs757 2013 02 月 19 @ 8:55下午 
Thanks. I checked my power settings, and there was nothing set to go idle -- at least in the gui. I wonder if there could have been some other type of blip that caused to to silently fail and not retry. This is on a MBP late 2011. I'm in the process of reinstalling on native partition, since the Windows ntfs fuse thing was too slow.
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