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ϟϟ Matheus 2013年2月16日下午4:01
about tux penguim for tf2
i have windows 7 home premium. i want to get the tux but how? i already have ubunto installed anyone help me now ? i tried to install steam but not work =( help
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Shark 2013年2月16日下午4:05 
Run the software updater and try again.
Obsidian Spirit 2013年2月16日下午5:11 
Buddy, Ubuntu is not a tool that you can use to easily get a free new item for TF2. Read up on the issue, install Ubuntu for Ubuntu and then also play the amazing TF2.
Dominus 2013年2月16日下午6:38 
How can you install it if you don't even know how to correctly spell "Ubuntu"?
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