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WarPigeon 2013年2月16日 9時33分
Ubuntu Alternatives? (total newb here)
I've been looking to try out Linux for a while now, and the TF2 promotion has given me a good incentive to so. However, when I was researching Ubuntu, I found out that it serves ads to you as a way of supplementing its income.

Are there any recommended ad-free alternatives to Ubuntu for a Linux newbie? I've heard Mint mentioned on these forums a few times. Would that be a good choice?
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L'esprit Malin 2013年2月16日 9時36分 
you can try xubuntu, kubuntu wich is ubuntu based ( with debian based )
Linux mint ( ubuntu based)
Fedora ( reddhat sponsored )
Centos, opensuse
Watch this website for all :

Kde, xfce, gnome, unity is graphic changes, install what you like.

Im using xubuntu and fedora xfce ^^
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blackout24 2013年2月16日 9時37分 
You can simply uninstall the shopping lense, which gives you Amazon recomendations in the Dash.

I'd install Linux Mint Cinnamon Editon. It has a very traditional desktop which is easy for someone coming from Windows and is build on Ubuntu so has all the support and Software Center goodness.

Go for the 32 Bit Version to make things easier.

Everything you learn with Linux Mint can be transfered to Ubuntu. It's just a reskin.
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Vasi4_5 2013年2月16日 9時38分 
Ads!?What ads?There is amazon integration in Ubunto 12.10 but it can be disabled.Also you can use 12.04.I like it more than 12.10.
Greenbikerdude 2013年2月16日 9時39分 
Mint would be a good choice. It is essentially Ubuntu but more "newb" friendly. They provide I think some other programs than Ubuntu and another Desktop Environment, but they're based on Ubuntu. AFAIK they do not have the ads or these kind of things.

Personally I wouldn't recommend Fedora, Arch , Gentoo or LFS for a newbie. You can always test out different distributions in a vm to see if they appeal to you. Remember that no matter what distribution you choose, you can do the same as everyone else with Ubuntu.
Good luck feel free to add if you have more questions.
Naharis H'ghar 2013年2月16日 9時39分 
There are no ads in Ubuntu. Just delete amazon app: "sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping" (without ""). (only in Ubuntu 12.10)
Most popular Linux OS's are: Ubuntu/Mint, OpenSUSE and Fedora, (Debian/CentOS are good for servers, not for desktop PC's), Archlinux (not for newbies)
L'esprit Malin 2013年2月16日 9時40分 
imo if you want to try linux start with a xfce or kde graphic , better approach of windows :)
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sounds like a wooosh 2013年2月16日 9時43分 
You can also use the Ubuntu base with another desktop enviroment - like KDE (then called "Kubuntu") or LXDE (then called "Lubuntu")

Using the Ubuntu distribution will garant you most compatibility for Steam currently.

But it is Linux - and the Ubuntu world offers also alternatives to the default look and feel.
(Inside an already installed Ubuntu - simply go to the Software Center and look for (for example) kubuntu-desktop)
blackout24 2013年2月16日 9時47分 
In case you're wondering what's up with the different desktops

Unity: Ubuntu default Desktop with Dash rather Tablet oriented
Gnome: Also rather tablet oriented UI. Not tradional. Rather pretty.
KDE: Windows 7 like very shiny and feature loaded
XFCE: The Windows XP Desktop of Linux. Not very pretty but fast.
LXDE: Same as XFCE but even more minimalist.
Cinnamon: Windows 7 style desktop but based on Gnome technology

You can't integrate Amazon ads with any other desktop than Unity.
You can install all of them at the same time and switch between them on login.
There are Ubuntu Spinoffs that come with one of them preinstalled

All these choices that you have in the Linux World might seem confusing but it offers a great deal of freedom and is a lot better than getting Metro ♥♥♥♥ forced down your throat.
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Shark 2013年2月16日 9時54分 
Mint is a very good choice for beginners, you can also use Kubuntu.
WarPigeon 2013年2月16日 9時54分 
Thanks for all the fast replies!. I realize that the amazon integration in Ubuntu can be disabled, but since this is my first foray into Linux I'd rather not have to deal with that sort of thing as I'm still learning the OS.

Also, does the fact that Mint is Ubuntu-based mean that I have to worry about the amazon app in that. too?

What's OpenSUSE like compared to Mint or Ubuntu 12.04? Also, in my research I like the idea behind Gentoo, but it's definitely not one I want to start out with. Something to work towards I guess =)
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ThOR27 2013年2月16日 9時58分 
It doesn't exists amazon integration in Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Xubuntu

In Ubuntu 12.04 (older and still official version of Ubuntu - also the official version supported by Steam) also doesn't have amazon integration

In Ubuntu 12.10 has amazon integration and can be disabled, but you don't need to be too afraid, there are not popups that comes on your screen or anything annoying, is just when you search stuff on your computer, you will also be offered stuff from amazon in your search. Nothing too aggressive that you need to be afraid, and can be easily disabled.
Naharis H'ghar 2013年2月16日 9時58分 
If you want to go through hell, install gentoo :) (it's not for newbies)
There is no amazon app in Mint, as far as I know.
Here's a short review (opensuse):
You can choose between KDE and Gnome.
WarPigeon 2013年2月16日 10時09分 
The intrusiveness of the Amazon app doesn't bother me as much as the fact that they are collecting data about how you are using your computer in order to sell you things. It's bad enough that you have to worry about that when browsing the Internet, let alone the actual files in my computer.

Anyway, thanks for all the help guys! I think I have enough info now to make a decision! Is it a good sign that rather than feeling nervous all these options make me even more excited about trying out Linux? =)
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Greenbikerdude 2013年2月16日 10時10分 
It is a good sign and remember the best feature about linux is to not have to worry about toolbars when installing software.! ;) Good Luck!
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blackout24 2013年2月16日 10時11分 
It's best if he goes with something that is based on Ubuntu.
If you use Kubuntu (KDE on Ubuntu) you have basically the same workflow and look/feel as with openSUSE so don't bother.
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