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Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午8:22
Is there a way that i can download my steam games to my hard drive instead of hard disk?
Help would be nice
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Oerthling 2013年2月16日上午8:24 
Ahem - your hard drive *is* your hard disk. That's 2 terms for the same thing. :-)

Do you mean an *external* hard disk drive (HDD)? Or USB flash drive Stick?
最后由 Oerthling 编辑于; 2013年2月16日上午8:25
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午8:30 
Well it says i have 289m mb to spare and that can't be right because i got a 500gb hard drive.
最后由 Erections&despair thats my life 编辑于; 2013年2月16日上午8:37
Oerthling 2013年2月16日上午8:35 
I guess you mant "can't be right".

And it could be right if your hard drive is filed with 499.611 GB of files.

I still don't know what your actual question is. I'd like to help you - but what is it that you wanted to ask?
arc| Gps 2013年2月16日上午8:38 
It depends on how you system is set up.

The partioning of your hard disk.

When you install any os a hard disk, you will consume some of the space.
So you will never have 500 gig to use.

Specific for linux, how big is your home directory ?
And is steam installing to your home dir?
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午8:41 
Nah,my hard drive is not full it still has 2 about 200gb left.but thats not the problem i'm trying how to my hard drive instead of the linux cloud storage thing.
最后由 Erections&despair thats my life 编辑于; 2013年2月16日上午8:43
blackout24 2013年2月16日上午8:43 
My guess is he burned the ISO and launched the Live Enviroment and wants to install TF2 now.

This won't work of course. The LiveCD run inside the RAM and unless you have 32 GB RAM you can't install TF2 inside of that.
最后由 blackout24 编辑于; 2013年2月16日上午8:43
[Linux]sulman 2013年2月16日上午8:44 
Is this another 'How do I get Tux' post?
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午8:45 
Not really i like this os but steam is new for me on linux.
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午8:49 
@ arc| Gps its saved in /home/myloginname/desktop
arc| Gps 2013年2月16日上午9:00 
That sounds right but then your home folder is just not big enough.

We need more info to help you.

How did you install Linux?
Which distro do you use ? 32 bit 64 bit ?
( Ubuntu, openSUSE, ARCH, Fedora, Mint, debian ? )

Did you burn a dvd and install linux that way ?
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午9:02 
I just intalled through ubuntu software and i think i use 64 bit.
thetargos 2013年2月16日上午9:03 
Please provide the output of the 'mount' command in the terminal (or simply launch any system-monitor and see the filesystems tab to know what is mounted where).

My guess is that your drive is partitionned in such a way that your home has very little space, the important thing would be to know where the bulk of the space is mounted on.
最后由 thetargos 编辑于; 2013年2月16日上午9:04
Erections&despair thats my life 2013年2月16日上午9:07 
Shadyman 2013年2月16日下午2:42 
Open a terminal and type "df" without the quotes, and paste the output here please? :)
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