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TLOU 2013年2月14日下午6:46
TF2 "This Game is Currently Unavailable"
So I wanted to try TF2 on Ubuntu (and get the Penguin), but everytime I try to launch it, it tells me that "Game is currently unavailable" message. Any help with this? I'm not a regular Ubuntu user if it helps.
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rudeboyskunk 2013年2月14日下午6:51 
Maybe a rush of people trying to download it for this stupid penguin, so the server crashed?
Inept77 2013年2月14日下午6:54 
I've got that too, so you're not alone
Worst Engineer Ever 2013年2月14日下午7:50 
Ditto, but it has also been occurring on my Windows install for a good time now and I wasn't able to solve it.
Jewlander- Anohmation 2013年2月14日下午8:28 
Yeah got this exact same problem after everything had gone smoothly :/
Footissimo 2013年2月14日下午9:15 
OK, could do with a little more information as this error can mean a few things - open up a terminal (ctrl-alt-T) and copy paste
steam steam://rungameid/440
so that you can see what is happening when TF2 tries to load (make sure you've exited Steam first though). This will give you a load of splurge in the terminal window. Copy/paste that onto here or into if it's excessive.
Worst Engineer Ever 2013年2月14日下午9:32 
Currently running the apt-get upgrade.
Ran the Steam command in a separate terminal and got this:
I'm aware the game doesn't need to fully run in order to get the item, just like the earbuds, just needs to pass this Steam error.
Footissimo 2013年2月14日下午9:39 
Are you running in a VM?
Worst Engineer Ever 2013年2月14日下午9:44 
Footissimo 2013年2月14日下午9:51 
Which one? If it's virtualbox you will definitely need to install guest additions from the menu..
Worst Engineer Ever 2013年2月14日下午9:55 
Virtualbox, but the additions were already installed, apparently, as it removes and reinstalls them when I try.
[NS] Yuko : xy 2013年2月14日下午10:03 
chill out. you'll get your Tux. mine logged in an hour ago but now it says "This Game is Currently Unavailable"
Footissimo 2013年2月14日下午10:13 
Is 3D acceleration enabled in the VM (within the settings menu) for Ubuntu? TBH, I'm not even sure if the really basic video support provided by VB is not the reason why TF2 is moaning when you try and load it
Worst Engineer Ever 2013年2月14日下午10:38 
It was disabled. When I enabled it and tried again I got the Steam error "Fatal Error: Steam does not run in VirtualBox with 3D acceleration enabled. Try turning off 3D acceleration."
That settles that.
ILoveYou2 2013年2月14日下午11:43 
mine didn't help at all. it's still giving me errors that steam or the game is unavailable
Artemis3 2013年2月15日上午1:35 
Restart steam and try again. There is a bunch of chained steam/tf2 updates and its not obvious.
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