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Tehmal 2013年2月11日 2時12分
No polish language (Source games)
In Steam Windows if selected is polish language than all source games are in polish (subs only) although in game is selected english.
But in linux steam it not working. In steam i selected polish, but all source games are in eglish.
How to resolve this problem?.
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gutigen o) 2013年2月11日 2時31分 
Apparently you can't. We have to wait for Valve to fix this. I play most games in english anyway, but when it comes to TF2 and trade it's kinda annoying to guess or look over google for names of items (translation is not always obvious). I've made like 3 threads about this issue so far with no answer from Valve (it was before github was up I think).

There are multiple threads at github about this.
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Tehmal 2013年2月11日 2時42分 
Im not english master, but iu cant imagine in feature HL2 in English - HL is easy...go ahead... but when im end the game... a fun game, but I do not know what it is about.

I do not know English spoken.
With barely written I'm doing.
No Polish language despite causing my Team Fortress 2 is still run it in WINE.
Although I am aware that the Linux performance is much better.
No disappearing textures, no crashes :)
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